About Me

My name is Max - derived from Maximus, and I am a good dog. Lucky, too. I was born in Texas, flown to Sacramento, and eventually, driven to San Francisco to a foster home for Airedale Terriers, which is what I am, an ADT or as Ma calls us, Terriblaires. I am now in my Forever Home, which happens to be my former foster home since I was able to charm them into keeping me. After all, as you all know if you've been reading my blog, I am a very good dog.

I apparently had a rough beginning since it appears I am a product of a puppy mill. I was purchased by a very nice man in Austin -- only because I jumped out of the window of the car that was driving out to meet him with me and  all my brothers and sisters in it. I lived in Austin for a little bit  - I was a sick puppy and had many health problems that had to be fixed. Once I got better, I was flown to Sacramento to live with the nice man's wife where he was to join us soon. But, there was a big, grumpy dog living there in Sacto, and I was in mortal danger since he was quite jealous. So, I was fostered through Northwest Airedale Terrier Rescue and ended up living with Troy and Lucy in San Francisco.

Life has its twists and turns but I believe that with a little luck and by being a good dog, everything will turn out great. So far, it has for me. I now have a Forever Family and a Former Family that love me and I lead quite the spoiled dog life. Thanks for following me on my blog.