Monday, November 30, 2009

I'm getting big!

I have been a good boy although bad at writing my blog. I've been getting big, too, which apparently isn't exactly good since Ma would like me to be around 60 - 65#. She keeps looking in that Pitcairn book with the chart of dog growth and muttering that my growth spurt should be coming to an end at about 8 months.

Here is what I've been weighing:

25 Sept: 39#
20 Oct: 44#
28 Oct: 45#
23 Nov: 52#

Of course, I'm always hungry -- Ma doesn't understand why since I get some great raw food. My meals often have ground beef, broccoli, zucchini, eggs (complete with shell -- she say's it's a good source of calcium), coconut, cottage cheese, yoghurt, canned tuna, chicken liver, rice...not necessarily all at once, plus she adds yeast and bone meal and a little vinegar -- Chinese black vinegar, apple cider or balsamic. For Thanksgiving, I got a lot of leftover turkey. Mmmmmm.

Pa finds it amusing/annoying that I still can't jump into the back of the car. Hee hee. I actually can, but why bother when I can be picked up??

Max at Crissy Field

Today I was a good boy and we went to Crissy Field.
I got to romp around with some fun dogs -- I especially loved the guys who chased me!
The people and dogs are nice here. The only thing I didn't like were those showers and how Ma got the bright idea to rinse me off there. Ugh!

Bean Hollow beach picnic

 Lucy and Max at Bean Hollow beach during and afternoon trip down Hwy 1.

Max pulling Lucy up the stairs.

Max is starting to fill up the back of my wagon.

Max and I out for an afternoon adventure

Max and I checking out new places around SF.We ended up going to Mt. Sutro and then headed over to Golden Gate Heights park area. SF has so many hidden treasures. These pics were taken a two weeks ago.