Saturday, December 25, 2010

Holiday on snow

I have been a very good dog so I got to go on my second snow trip of my life!
I thought this was our destination but it turned
out to be a rest area.
I would have been happy to spend the day here.
Lots of little critters hiding in the bushes. 
This was our destination - Kirkwood!!
I started working the crowds - you know me, I'm like a politician.
I would have loved to have gone up there but I have a fear of
heights and those chairlifts are worse than the
gondola I once rode.
Pa looking good!
We stayed at a nice lodge where the host dog is allowed
up on the furniture!
She even visits the guests but politely stayed off my bed.
They provided that nice blanky for us!
Pa's friends planned to snow camp...brrrrrrr....I'm glad
my Ma and Pa are wimps.
Ma took me on a frolic out in the snow.
Some interesting critters have been here including the pesky coyotes.
Keeping  a sharp eye out for Ma who can disappear with no warning.
Ma's wondering what kind of bird this is. Of course, I know
EXACTLY what it is -- a nice snack! 
It was a good holiday and I overheard them say there will be more trips like this and that they'll be getting me a nice pet pass at Kirkwood so that I can go skiing too. Hoooray!!  The Fireside Lodge and Kirkwood both welcome dogs - life is good. So, happy holidogs to you; til my next misadventure, be safe, wear a helmet if you only have two legs and do a snow dance.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Crusty crustaceans refusing to become din din

I have been a very good boy and I've been out quite a bit this week, thanks to Ma and Pa.

Had a nice romp at Ft Funston
We met a pack of these guys - Vizslas
This one went rock climbing and captivated the beach crowd
Ma likes these artsy fartsy ones. Personally, I think they're boring.
Why take shots of logs in the sand when she can get action shots of me??
We had some gorgeous weather in SF

We met this handsome fella
He's gonna get BIG
His ears are definitely standing up!
Waiting for Papa who's surfing

Lucca liked this fella
Quite the mug
Showing Lucca how to dig
My chance at glory foiled - darn thing bit me in the lip!
We got scolded for chasing the snowy plovers!
I found a nice, plump, LIVE Dungeness in the surf. They really are crunchy on the outside and soft inside. Mmmmmm....Ma was thrilled, she loves crab, and I was quite proud of my find. Din din for all! I flaunted it in front of Lucca and we played tug of war but I think he was a little freaked out about the moving limbs. So, I claimed if for myself and was settling down to have a good chomp when I felt a sharp pain in my lip.Oh, it hurt sooooo bad I actually whimpered. Talk about dinner fighting back. Lucky for me, Ma came to the rescue and undid the crab from my lip and Ramipoo threw it back in the surf. Rats!@

Now we await the big rain. It's even supposed to rain in southern California! So, til my next misadventure, enjoy the crab season, be safe and be ever true, as my Ma's alma mater's slogan says.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holiday Weight Gain

I have been a very good dog -- little humans take heed; I eat all my vegetables and lick my bowl clean so I am sure to be on Santa's "nice boy" list. Well, no surprise that I now weigh 79.4#. You know, back in September, I only weighed 72#. Never mind how much Ma and Pa weigh these days!! It's not MY fault, I try to get them out for exercise as much as possible.

Since I didn't go anywhere on Saturday, I'll tell you what I learned on my walk last week.
Ramipoo told me a story of my creation.
I was just a ragamuffin, really just a fur pelt, before I was born,
but, Babaji pondered my future with great thought and gave me
 the eyesight of an eagle.
He gave me the loyalty and memory of an elephant.
And even the nose of an elephant, but much shorter.
I also got the courage of a lion, the curiosity of a cat, but the countenance of a politician - you know I greet everyone on the street and kiss all the babies. So, now you know why I am who I am. But would someone please tell my Ma, those close-ups of my nose are getting a little personal.

That's my story for today - til my next misadventure, be good and be safe, and have a nice day!

Monday, December 6, 2010

We remain ever hopeful

I have been a good boy and I got to go to Ft Funston over the weekend where I met Pax - yes, rhymes with me, Max.

Uh...Hello, Big One!

A fitting name for the Big One - he's quite peaceful.
It's not often I worry about being sat upon.
No - Pa is not a midget.
He took a liking to the Big One
Pa wants one of his own - hrrrumph! Now, wait a minute. Won't that mean less food for skinny ol' me? And think of the turds you'll have to pick up.

 He's a very good dog but I bet he scares away potential buddies. He certainly scared me when he got too near to this little one, so I herded him away.

 She's training to be what-- slave labor? 
Dogddha in peril!
We're expecting some bad weather in the horizon which means white stuff in the mountains. I like the snow!

Here's wishing you all safe travels, be good and, til my next misadventure, o-genki-de, that's stay well, in Japanese!

Friday, December 3, 2010

It feels like winter!

I have been a very good boy and it has gotten suddenly cold here in San Francisco, although, given what's happening back East, we shouldn't complain. 
A Maypole in December
I found a nice melon 
Lucca thought it was gross
Wrong kind of birds

A new buddy called Blueberry
Pa took me to OB but I didn't have a buddy, so, looking for playmates

I found Shepherds...three of them.

I showed them my digging skills
Me - supervising
They need watching over ...talking, not working
They're working dogs??? Hrrrumph! Laying down on the job - hopeless!
So, I beat them in a running race. 
When I walk with Lucca, we get water in the parking lot.

A nice pillow to lay my weary head on.
Well, all that leftover turkey and running around did it to me. Til my next misadventure, be good, be safe, ta ta!