Friday, December 17, 2010

Crusty crustaceans refusing to become din din

I have been a very good boy and I've been out quite a bit this week, thanks to Ma and Pa.

Had a nice romp at Ft Funston
We met a pack of these guys - Vizslas
This one went rock climbing and captivated the beach crowd
Ma likes these artsy fartsy ones. Personally, I think they're boring.
Why take shots of logs in the sand when she can get action shots of me??
We had some gorgeous weather in SF

We met this handsome fella
He's gonna get BIG
His ears are definitely standing up!
Waiting for Papa who's surfing

Lucca liked this fella
Quite the mug
Showing Lucca how to dig
My chance at glory foiled - darn thing bit me in the lip!
We got scolded for chasing the snowy plovers!
I found a nice, plump, LIVE Dungeness in the surf. They really are crunchy on the outside and soft inside. Mmmmmm....Ma was thrilled, she loves crab, and I was quite proud of my find. Din din for all! I flaunted it in front of Lucca and we played tug of war but I think he was a little freaked out about the moving limbs. So, I claimed if for myself and was settling down to have a good chomp when I felt a sharp pain in my lip.Oh, it hurt sooooo bad I actually whimpered. Talk about dinner fighting back. Lucky for me, Ma came to the rescue and undid the crab from my lip and Ramipoo threw it back in the surf. Rats!@

Now we await the big rain. It's even supposed to rain in southern California! So, til my next misadventure, enjoy the crab season, be safe and be ever true, as my Ma's alma mater's slogan says.

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Oskar said...

Owie, I'm sorry that thing bit your lip! Would you like some snow, cause I can send you some along with some 1 degree weather!

Nubbin wiggles,