Saturday, December 25, 2010

Holiday on snow

I have been a very good dog so I got to go on my second snow trip of my life!
I thought this was our destination but it turned
out to be a rest area.
I would have been happy to spend the day here.
Lots of little critters hiding in the bushes. 
This was our destination - Kirkwood!!
I started working the crowds - you know me, I'm like a politician.
I would have loved to have gone up there but I have a fear of
heights and those chairlifts are worse than the
gondola I once rode.
Pa looking good!
We stayed at a nice lodge where the host dog is allowed
up on the furniture!
She even visits the guests but politely stayed off my bed.
They provided that nice blanky for us!
Pa's friends planned to snow camp...brrrrrrr....I'm glad
my Ma and Pa are wimps.
Ma took me on a frolic out in the snow.
Some interesting critters have been here including the pesky coyotes.
Keeping  a sharp eye out for Ma who can disappear with no warning.
Ma's wondering what kind of bird this is. Of course, I know
EXACTLY what it is -- a nice snack! 
It was a good holiday and I overheard them say there will be more trips like this and that they'll be getting me a nice pet pass at Kirkwood so that I can go skiing too. Hoooray!!  The Fireside Lodge and Kirkwood both welcome dogs - life is good. So, happy holidogs to you; til my next misadventure, be safe, wear a helmet if you only have two legs and do a snow dance.


Suka said...

hey Maximus,

What a lucky pup you are! You got to play in SNOW (which I am still waiting for my snow!) and you got to snooze on furniture. Lucky pup!

Looks like you had a pawsome adventure! Hope you and your humans had a great New Year!


Jed and Abby in MerryLand said...

Happy New Year, Maximus! Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas vacation. Did we read right that you're getting a pet ski pass? Bet you'll become really good friends with that hosting doggie. What's her name? Any luck getting your own Irish Wolfhound? We infer Santa Paws didn't bring you one for Christmas.

Jed & Abby