Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Recalling all good dogs!

I have been a good dog and Ma is very proud of my recall - she says it's close to 100%. Hrrrumph...what's she talking about? I'm not some kind of defective appliance that needs to be sent back to the factory. Anyway, I had a great day on OB - after getting my rump whooped twice the other day, it was a welcome relief.

I did a pretty good imitation of a rabbit for this Bassett. How they manage to track anything when they're so slow is beyond me.
My talents are underappreciated. We decided to move on.
Off in the distance we spotted a wolf...but no, it's Quito!
Quito's little sister now has a name, it's Tikaana or Tika for short. It means wolf in Inuit. Great name, wouldn't you say? Of course, Ma kept asking what cotton ball is in Inuit. Like I said, she can be an imbecile.
We sometimes have to behave to get him to chuck the squeaky.
Aren't we a good looking bunch? We have a lot of admirers on the beach.
I'm the only one with brown eyes - all the rest have green or blue eyes.
I decided to take a break and dig. I'm OK with sharing the hole - there's room for 2 in here.
We hadn't made much progress in our migration so we decided to move on.
This reminded Ma of the Navajo sand paintings. Like this sculpture which will be gone by tomorrow, the paintings are all destroyed in the end so the stuff you see in stores is not genuine.
It's always over too soon.
Since Lukipooh peed on me, I got a good scrubbing in the parking lot. Oh, Grandma, what big nose you have!
It was a wonderful day on the beach. Til next time - mata ne!
(Means see you again in Japanese, kinda rhymes with ya ta hey, doesn't it? That's a Navajo greeting.)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Another party at Sutro Hts

I have been a good boy and we had another party at Sutro Hts Park. This time, attendance was low due to the fact that many people were traveling for holidays, but it was a good time and the Park Police did not attend, like last time.
Billie's Ma looking disapprovingly at my hole.
Miles. He's like a little rocket.
Miles's brother -older model rocket.
Feeble attempt by the humies to cover up my hole.
This wine was a big hit at the party (of course, it was the only one there, but still). Pa picked it out at Safeway- the 2008 Belgrano HeadSnapper Malbec. Knowing Pa, it probably cost $10 or less, so get yourself a few!
The following day we had a date with the Poohs -- here I am waiting for them in my terrier stance which I'm perfecting: on my toes, ears perked, nose up, tail up and hind legs apart. Ma likes this.
I wish Ma would get me a nice car like Lukipooh has - I'm so tall, I can't stand up straight in mine. This is me, running to greet my buddy.

We saw a statuesque woman - or so my Ma thought - I, of course, knew it was a man. But what's he doing with the scarf? It turned out to be a towel.
I got a close-up view of a body surfer. Very alarming to me. What idiot would risk their tail getting whooped in the waves? To each his own, I guess.
Shoulder to shoulder with my buddy.
We ADTs like to work in pairs.
I taught him about those crabshells - YUM!
And, this morning, we went for a very quick outing to OB where we ran into my buddy, Mark. He brings all sorts of squeaky balls for ME.
Black, white, black and red.
Nose to nose with a pointer. I have a good nose too, and like the pointers, I like to survey the air even though I'm a terrier.
The black one is Olive, aptly named. She got a little snarky and tried to whoop me. Hrrrumph - she kind of took me by surprise since my buddies and I play a lot of pretend fights so I didn't take her too seriously. But then, I found out she has no bite inhibition and she got it on for real! Yipes - my ear! I may, someday, be like the Great Stanley and finish what they started but I prefer the ways of Ghandi - non-violence.
Ma and I decided to find other playmates.
This one is Sophie. She's a runner.
I must say, I've had better days on OB. After Sophie, I went to play with a Boxer who turned out to be another fighter. I wish they would warn me ahead of time. We ran around and things seemed OK when all of a sudden, he laid into me and there he was, going for my neck. Ma says I'm like Pa's ol' ADT, Kavu, who was a mellow girl. She also got whooped by overly aggressive dogs even though she could take down any of them. No wonder Stan became such a defender of his pack. So, Ma and I made a hasty retreat back to the old homestead.
Me napping after a busy morning.
I could barely wake myself up to go pee. You know, I ring the bell at the top of the stairs when I have to go.

I envision a lazy few days, so, au revoir til the next post.
(What's with the French, anyway?)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The many Poohs

I have been a good boy, as usual, and had a lengthy jaunt on the beach with the usual suspects, Lucca and his Ma, now known as Lukipooh and Ramipooh. I am, of course, Maxipooh; my Ma, Lucypooh, or much to her dismay, Yuckypooh. Why I am not the Great Max, like the Great Stanley is beyond me. I'm bigger than him, you know, but maybe Great and Max are redundant.

And, today, I discovered kelp. They are what happens to tennis balls when they reincarnate. They live in the ocean and develop long tails which are convenient for us doggies to grab. Health conscious Californians pay MONEY for this-- dried up and sold as sea vegetables. I think we can start a business here.
Earlier, Ramipooh took an excursion to the trashbin with our pooh. Hmmm...is that why we call each other pooh? It was of great concern to Lukipooh who does not like to be far from her.

Me, ever the good pack member, keeping Lukipooh company while waiting for Ramipooh. I taught Lukipooh the lying down thing. That speck in the distance is her. Lukipooh has taught me a few things too. Like, I guess I shouldn't chase scared little dogs even though I'm nice to them. He body slams me and I'm no match for his heft so I naturally have to do as he requests. And, now that I think of it, many a small dog has bit me in the schnozzle. Hmmm. Lukipooh might know something here.
I also got to see the other usual suspects at Sutro Hts. the other evening. That's Rider's Ma and Billie and her Ma. Rider and I had a good time at Ft. Miley one morning.
Aren't they the happy Mas!
Well, I overheard my Ma saying I needed to walk on concrete to wear down my toenails. Doc Griffin told Pa that my nails were getting long but you now how I hate the nail trimmer. Ma figured out that city dogs have short nails from the concrete so, long walk here we come! I wonder where I'll get to go. Can't wait. I better be a good dog. Well, Pa doesn't like ta ta, even though I'm originally from England, and I hate bye bye so I guess it's a bientot for now. Hey, wait a minute - I'm not a Poodle, why am I speaking French?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ma, the hypochondriac

I have been a very good boy but I don't like to go to the big box hardware stores, unless of course, we get to go to Burgermeister. I would prefer we went to Ft. Funston. It's closer.

Ma and Pa checking out curtains. Whatever for, I don't know! It just blocks my view out the window.
Then, on Monday, I had to go see Doc Griffin who told Pa that Ma worries too much. Just because I'm a little lame after a few days of all out fun doesn't mean I have hip dysplasia. If I seem a bit quiet, it's not lymphoma. If I'm not food aggressive, it doesn't mean I have digestive problems - maybe I'm just well-behaved. And, anyway, I'm now 70# - a stone away from Stanley's weight.

So, it has been a stressful few days. On top of it all, it seems Lucca got to do lunch with the humies without me. Hrrrrumph! Ma denies it, but she's not beyond a little fibbing. She went somewhere and came back smelling like Lucca - I'm deeply suspicious.

And, today, instead of going out bright and early, we waited until NOON. Of course, there's no one at the beach at noon so I was a bit disappointed. Nevertheless, we got to hike down the dunes from Sutro Hts. Park to OB and around to Sutro Bath ruins.

I try to follow my Ma on these trails but damn she's slow!
I got ahead of her on the ruins so I got to scare away the seagulls.
I kinda wanted to chase these ducks but I don't know how to swim yet. I overheard Ma saying she's having second thoughts about me learning how to swim. Since our tails are docked, we don't turn well, and we're rather muscular so we don't float well. Generally, Airedales don't swim as well as retrievers. We also can't spread our paws as wide so we're not as fast. She's afraid I'll drown in a rip current on OB.
I have to keep an eagle eye out since she's kind of a klutz, sometimes.
Did I say she was slow? But, of course, I have to wait for her because you never know what could happen if I'm not paying attention.
I'm beginning to think my worrying nature is inherited from Ma.
But, don't worry, I'm really OK. I just got caught up on all my vaccinations and I got a clean bill of health. Just leave the worrying to me and ta ta til the next misadventure.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Worry, worry, worry!

I have been a very good dog but I had a worrisome week. Ma was gone for a WHOLE WEEK on business and I worried, worried worried. I am a bit of the nervous type. So, yesterday, when I saw her at SFO, I was ecstatic. I nearly jumped out of the wayback but I somehow contained myself. And, today, we were back to our routine. We saw Lucca and his Ma and we even got to see Quito. I found out I've been spelling his name wrong the whole time. Quito has a little baby sister now. She's not named yet. Any suggestions?

That's the unnamed one next to Lucca's Ma.
She's a bit nervous since this is quite the rowdy crowd.
Lucca's Ma is gaga over the little one.
Quito, as in the capital of Equador, looking very regal.
It was a good day. I was reposing when we got home when Ma decided to play a practical joke. Sometimes she can be imbecilic.

Ma thought this was funny - me handcuffed with my three ring toy and a ball where mine used to be.
What could I do? I was too tired to argue. I retired to the bedroom for a little shuteye.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My own kind

I have been a good boy and met another good boy on the beach the other day. I've only met two others like me since leaving Texas - Sadie, of course, and Lex. We are rather rare, I guess - no wonder people stop in the street and want to pet me and take photos. My Ma says that of all the doggies she's known, I'm the most photographed by strangers! Well, you know I'm a pretty good model although I need to take some acting lessons for the videos.
He's 7 mos and almost my size -- he's going to be a big boy!
He definitely has a bigger rump than me. That vest is supposed to make him tired - he's carrying water for extra weight. Ma thinks it might just put strain on his joints and ligaments since he's still growing.
There were a few regulars on the beach so I hung out with them. Here's me showing Ollie's Ma how to dig.
That white Muppet-like thing is Ollie. I'm very good with little dogs.
We ran into Keto and Sjobahn again. They are practicing for a stint on Dancing with the Stars.
As you can see, it is now summer in SF so I was told to expect a lot of fog. Anyway, ta ta til my next adventure! Doggies, be good to your humies.