Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Recalling all good dogs!

I have been a good dog and Ma is very proud of my recall - she says it's close to 100%. Hrrrumph...what's she talking about? I'm not some kind of defective appliance that needs to be sent back to the factory. Anyway, I had a great day on OB - after getting my rump whooped twice the other day, it was a welcome relief.

I did a pretty good imitation of a rabbit for this Bassett. How they manage to track anything when they're so slow is beyond me.
My talents are underappreciated. We decided to move on.
Off in the distance we spotted a wolf...but no, it's Quito!
Quito's little sister now has a name, it's Tikaana or Tika for short. It means wolf in Inuit. Great name, wouldn't you say? Of course, Ma kept asking what cotton ball is in Inuit. Like I said, she can be an imbecile.
We sometimes have to behave to get him to chuck the squeaky.
Aren't we a good looking bunch? We have a lot of admirers on the beach.
I'm the only one with brown eyes - all the rest have green or blue eyes.
I decided to take a break and dig. I'm OK with sharing the hole - there's room for 2 in here.
We hadn't made much progress in our migration so we decided to move on.
This reminded Ma of the Navajo sand paintings. Like this sculpture which will be gone by tomorrow, the paintings are all destroyed in the end so the stuff you see in stores is not genuine.
It's always over too soon.
Since Lukipooh peed on me, I got a good scrubbing in the parking lot. Oh, Grandma, what big nose you have!
It was a wonderful day on the beach. Til next time - mata ne!
(Means see you again in Japanese, kinda rhymes with ya ta hey, doesn't it? That's a Navajo greeting.)

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