Saturday, June 19, 2010

Worry, worry, worry!

I have been a very good dog but I had a worrisome week. Ma was gone for a WHOLE WEEK on business and I worried, worried worried. I am a bit of the nervous type. So, yesterday, when I saw her at SFO, I was ecstatic. I nearly jumped out of the wayback but I somehow contained myself. And, today, we were back to our routine. We saw Lucca and his Ma and we even got to see Quito. I found out I've been spelling his name wrong the whole time. Quito has a little baby sister now. She's not named yet. Any suggestions?

That's the unnamed one next to Lucca's Ma.
She's a bit nervous since this is quite the rowdy crowd.
Lucca's Ma is gaga over the little one.
Quito, as in the capital of Equador, looking very regal.
It was a good day. I was reposing when we got home when Ma decided to play a practical joke. Sometimes she can be imbecilic.

Ma thought this was funny - me handcuffed with my three ring toy and a ball where mine used to be.
What could I do? I was too tired to argue. I retired to the bedroom for a little shuteye.

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