Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My own kind

I have been a good boy and met another good boy on the beach the other day. I've only met two others like me since leaving Texas - Sadie, of course, and Lex. We are rather rare, I guess - no wonder people stop in the street and want to pet me and take photos. My Ma says that of all the doggies she's known, I'm the most photographed by strangers! Well, you know I'm a pretty good model although I need to take some acting lessons for the videos.
He's 7 mos and almost my size -- he's going to be a big boy!
He definitely has a bigger rump than me. That vest is supposed to make him tired - he's carrying water for extra weight. Ma thinks it might just put strain on his joints and ligaments since he's still growing.
There were a few regulars on the beach so I hung out with them. Here's me showing Ollie's Ma how to dig.
That white Muppet-like thing is Ollie. I'm very good with little dogs.
We ran into Keto and Sjobahn again. They are practicing for a stint on Dancing with the Stars.
As you can see, it is now summer in SF so I was told to expect a lot of fog. Anyway, ta ta til my next adventure! Doggies, be good to your humies.

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