Saturday, June 26, 2010

Another party at Sutro Hts

I have been a good boy and we had another party at Sutro Hts Park. This time, attendance was low due to the fact that many people were traveling for holidays, but it was a good time and the Park Police did not attend, like last time.
Billie's Ma looking disapprovingly at my hole.
Miles. He's like a little rocket.
Miles's brother -older model rocket.
Feeble attempt by the humies to cover up my hole.
This wine was a big hit at the party (of course, it was the only one there, but still). Pa picked it out at Safeway- the 2008 Belgrano HeadSnapper Malbec. Knowing Pa, it probably cost $10 or less, so get yourself a few!
The following day we had a date with the Poohs -- here I am waiting for them in my terrier stance which I'm perfecting: on my toes, ears perked, nose up, tail up and hind legs apart. Ma likes this.
I wish Ma would get me a nice car like Lukipooh has - I'm so tall, I can't stand up straight in mine. This is me, running to greet my buddy.

We saw a statuesque woman - or so my Ma thought - I, of course, knew it was a man. But what's he doing with the scarf? It turned out to be a towel.
I got a close-up view of a body surfer. Very alarming to me. What idiot would risk their tail getting whooped in the waves? To each his own, I guess.
Shoulder to shoulder with my buddy.
We ADTs like to work in pairs.
I taught him about those crabshells - YUM!
And, this morning, we went for a very quick outing to OB where we ran into my buddy, Mark. He brings all sorts of squeaky balls for ME.
Black, white, black and red.
Nose to nose with a pointer. I have a good nose too, and like the pointers, I like to survey the air even though I'm a terrier.
The black one is Olive, aptly named. She got a little snarky and tried to whoop me. Hrrrumph - she kind of took me by surprise since my buddies and I play a lot of pretend fights so I didn't take her too seriously. But then, I found out she has no bite inhibition and she got it on for real! Yipes - my ear! I may, someday, be like the Great Stanley and finish what they started but I prefer the ways of Ghandi - non-violence.
Ma and I decided to find other playmates.
This one is Sophie. She's a runner.
I must say, I've had better days on OB. After Sophie, I went to play with a Boxer who turned out to be another fighter. I wish they would warn me ahead of time. We ran around and things seemed OK when all of a sudden, he laid into me and there he was, going for my neck. Ma says I'm like Pa's ol' ADT, Kavu, who was a mellow girl. She also got whooped by overly aggressive dogs even though she could take down any of them. No wonder Stan became such a defender of his pack. So, Ma and I made a hasty retreat back to the old homestead.
Me napping after a busy morning.
I could barely wake myself up to go pee. You know, I ring the bell at the top of the stairs when I have to go.

I envision a lazy few days, so, au revoir til the next post.
(What's with the French, anyway?)

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