Thursday, June 24, 2010

The many Poohs

I have been a good boy, as usual, and had a lengthy jaunt on the beach with the usual suspects, Lucca and his Ma, now known as Lukipooh and Ramipooh. I am, of course, Maxipooh; my Ma, Lucypooh, or much to her dismay, Yuckypooh. Why I am not the Great Max, like the Great Stanley is beyond me. I'm bigger than him, you know, but maybe Great and Max are redundant.

And, today, I discovered kelp. They are what happens to tennis balls when they reincarnate. They live in the ocean and develop long tails which are convenient for us doggies to grab. Health conscious Californians pay MONEY for this-- dried up and sold as sea vegetables. I think we can start a business here.
Earlier, Ramipooh took an excursion to the trashbin with our pooh. that why we call each other pooh? It was of great concern to Lukipooh who does not like to be far from her.

Me, ever the good pack member, keeping Lukipooh company while waiting for Ramipooh. I taught Lukipooh the lying down thing. That speck in the distance is her. Lukipooh has taught me a few things too. Like, I guess I shouldn't chase scared little dogs even though I'm nice to them. He body slams me and I'm no match for his heft so I naturally have to do as he requests. And, now that I think of it, many a small dog has bit me in the schnozzle. Hmmm. Lukipooh might know something here.
I also got to see the other usual suspects at Sutro Hts. the other evening. That's Rider's Ma and Billie and her Ma. Rider and I had a good time at Ft. Miley one morning.
Aren't they the happy Mas!
Well, I overheard my Ma saying I needed to walk on concrete to wear down my toenails. Doc Griffin told Pa that my nails were getting long but you now how I hate the nail trimmer. Ma figured out that city dogs have short nails from the concrete so, long walk here we come! I wonder where I'll get to go. Can't wait. I better be a good dog. Well, Pa doesn't like ta ta, even though I'm originally from England, and I hate bye bye so I guess it's a bientot for now. Hey, wait a minute - I'm not a Poodle, why am I speaking French?

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