Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My NEW BlogspoT

I have been a good dog, and guess what? I turned two in April and also ran out of free space on Blogger so my Ma started a new site for me:
Please follow my adventures there!
Be good, be safe and, til my next misadventure...
bloggonit...doggone blog has moved!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Horse sense

I have been a good boy and yesterday, I got to go to Montara State Beach with Ma and Pa. We climbed up and up and up and then we saw these guys!

A very nice man and a...??!! Ma calls them horses and Pa likes them!

I barked furiously but IT just stood there swishing its tail

The THING even had its own dog!

Ma and Pa said we were lucky they were so nice to us because I was obnoxious. Me? Obnoxious??? Hrrrrumph!

Pa decided to try out his new running shoes. I had to race to catch up!!

I stayed right by his side. You know, I try not to get ahead.

It was a long ways down and steep and we left Ma behind to take photos. 

It was a bit overcast but the view was stunning.

We had a good time and got tired, too. Pa's feet are still recovering from the 50km race he ran two weekends ago. So, til my next misadventure, be good, be safe, and no horsing around during work hours.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dr. Crick, I presume?

Sir Francis Crick
I have been a good boy and guess what? Ma's friend has discovered an uncanny resemblance between me and Dr. Crick, the Nobel prize winning father of molecular biology who was instrumental in discovering the structure of DNA. He coined the phrase, central DOGma, referring to the flow of information from DNA -> RNA -> protein. This dogma was challenged by the discovery of reverse transcriptase, present in certain viruses such as the retrovirus HIV. Hey, science can be a dog-eat-dogma world. Well, my Ma always said I'm very professorial for a dog. I can be very pensive and I notice everything. Ma's Pops, also a scientist, thought it was very funny. So, now I have a new nickname - Dr. Crick. I prick my ears when I hear that! Ma says all dogs have a given name and an earned name.

It's the BROWS and the EYES!!
It's interesting to note that he moved to southern California and studied the neurochemical basis of consciousness in his later years. He is British, of course, like us Airedales.

Carlotta comes all the way from LA to visit so I take
her on scenic walks when she comes. She used to show dogs
so she knows a lot about us.

The other day, Lucca and I found a football!
Lucca having difficulty picking up the ball.

I had to school him -- can't go for the fat part,
gotta go for the ends.

So, 'til my next misadventure, be good, be safe and to challenge dogma you must think out of the box. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring is here!

I have been a good boy but my Ma is saddened by the triple tragedies in Japan. She is most worried about the potential nuclear disaster. What will happen to Tokyo and her beloved Japan if they can't get those reactors under control? I'm trying my best to cheer her up. The other day, we all went to Fort Funston.

Ready, set, GO!
Still going...
Got it -- All mine - aint' giving it up now.
So, 'til my next misadventure, consider harnessing the power of an Airedale to generate electricity - we're very energetic - be good and be safe, and sending hope and good vibes to my Airedale compatriots in Japan.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Walk, don't run!

I have been a good boy and I got to go to Muir Beach. My Pa ran there from home! This is one of those places where I will be banned from in the very near future, thanks to the National Park Service.

Cynthia came with us with my buddies, Quito and Tikka.
They were very excited to be here.
We met a nice lady, Joleen, with her Bernese Mtn Dog.
We had a house guest, Jordan, who is walking to Mexico from Vancouver! Troy first met him near Bolinas. He's needing more funds to continue his trek so please help him out!
Jordan and friend at Sutro Hts Park.
Jordan met a friend at the park near our house. His friend will be walking with him to Montara. We wish them safe journeys and good weather! So, til my next misadventure, be good and be safe on your sole adventure.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

...GGNRA Dog Management Plan ...


MONDAY, MARCH 7TH AT 4PM at Fort Mason.

The National Park Service is planning to SEVERELY RESTRICT DOGS in GOLDEN GATE NATIONAL RECREATION AREA under their jurisdiction.

The areas affected:

Ocean Beach
Fort Funston
Fort Miley
Baker Beach
Crissy Field
Muir Beach


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Seven dogly sins

I have been a very good dog and this blog was given an award by one of our followers - Oskar, the indefatigable Schnauzer. As a condition of accepting this award, I promised to divulge seven sins about myself, so even though I'm not Catholic, I figure I should confess:

1. I am an Airedale Terrier and proud of it. Ma says being too proud can be a sin, but hey, at least I don't have low self esteem.

2. I LOVE THE LADIES. Yes, I'm a flirt, a ladies man, a playdog. Ma says I shouldn't lick ALL the ladies, some of them don't like dogs. Ma says not being faithful is a sin. Hrrrumph! She's just jealous and that's a sin.
3. I am a very good dog in the house but my one major sin is I love Ma's slippers. I LOVE them SOOOO much I chew on them at any chance I get. Ma says destroying other people's possessions is a sin even if it is Ma's.
4. I drink. No not just water -- I drink BEER. Ohhhh, how I love that froth when it covers my beard and that musty yeast smell is just heaven. A couple of licks and I get a little tipsy. I also get mouthy and kind of loud, but then I get sleepy. I guess I'm what you would call a cheap date. Ma says I'll get Pa in trouble since he's the one that sneaks me a few laps once in a while and the canine caretaker world will be mad at Pa. They can be real strict, you know! So, whose the sinner here?
5. I HATE gophers. Ma says all living things should be respected, but it's in my blood. I'm a terrier. I was bred to hunt big game and household vermin. And, although they live outside, they're vermin. I HATE them. I believe in the death penalty for gophers although I have yet to impose such a punishment. Ma says wanting to kill is a sin even if they are vermin.
6. Did I say I HATE gophers? Oh yes, I guess I did. They compel me to DIG. I LOVE to dig. I particularly love to dig at Sutro Hts Park where there is a whole gaggle of gophers living in the subterranean world below the lawn. Ma says I shouldn't dig - it's a sin to destroy public property but I see it as providing gainful employment for the park gardeners during this recession. Ma also says gaggle doesn't go with gophers but grammar and vocabulary are real challenges for me.

Well that's six sins. I have a short memory for stuff like this and I can't count, either, so this will have to do. Pa says enough text - people get bored with all that drivel and would rather see photos. After all, he says, a picture is worth a 1000 words. He's right. I'll entertain you with a few photos. Some of them may be reruns.

Well, guess what? Ma got it wrong. I didn't have to divulge any SINS, just seven THINGS about myself. Hrrrumph! I'm also supposed to find blogs I love and feature them here but that'll have to wait -- 'til my next misadventure, to be good you must confess your things, or divulge your sins or something, who knows, just be a dog and follow your nose.