Sunday, September 26, 2010

Summer in SF

I have been a very good boy and am enjoying the nice weather. We have had a dreadful summer - all fog and no sun. But these days, we have had 70+ degree weather and Ocean Beach has been packed with sunbathers. But, best of all, Ma seems much happier.
I taught Lucca how to walk the walls of Sutro Bath
I also taught him how to roll in the sand
The water felt good!
The wind blew Ma's hat away so I rescued it. But then I decided to keep it for a while.
Stalking Roy, but he's become too protective so Ma won't let me near him.
Ganesh was still holding court,  but I think this may be the last time we see him this year.
We are down to one last rose. 
On the weekends, this beach is wall-to-wall people. Imagine that!
 Please come visit our beautiful city while the weather is still nice. Be good, be safe and ta ta til my next misadventure!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

A new toy and Ganesh still lives!

A boomering!
My new toy doubles as a head piece
I have been a very good boy and today we went to OB a bit later than usual since Ma had to work really early in the morning. It was a gorgeous day, a rarity these days in SF.

Ganesh in all his splendour
Right before the dunes, we spotted Ganesh, again. He is doing quite well, thank you very much. 
Money, silver bead, feathers and...pine cone!
I claimed the pine cone for myself, after all, what's an elephant going to do with a pine cone? Ma was horrified and made me return it. She can be very superstitious sometimes.
Someone left a nice offering of roses which I love - it speaks to my feminine side - but Ma made me leave that too. She said it could be a memorial to someone who drowned. Is she macabre, or is it just me?
I love the taste of roses on the beach! 
The surf patrol were playing. 
On the way home, Ma took some shots of me posing again. When we got home, I heard her complaining to Pa that my lipstick was showing and that she was going to photoshop it off. Eh?? What's that supposed to mean? I hope that's all she's planning to do!! Anyway, here's to a beautiful first day of autumn - til my next misadventure, be good like me and be safe!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Another good day at OB!

It doesn't get much better than this...running around the beach every morning. Life is good!
I think pa lets me get away with a little more mischievous than ma does -- boys will be boys though. Pa also likes to jump around the rocks...and i'm getting better at figuring out my footing thanks to pa's good teaching examples. Oh yeah, running with pa today was fun too. He is prepping me for the 8-10 milers. That sounds like fun!
Well, as ma always says, I have been a good boy -- that's just the way it is with me. : )

Monday, September 20, 2010

More romping at OB and Mile Rock Beach

Mile Rock Beach with Lucca

I have been a good boy but don't have much to report since my previous adventures. However, it's good to have Lucca to romp with again - I missed him the month of August.

It is the Harvest Moon coming up this Wednesday - every culture seems to have some festival associated with it. And, indeed, one day, we found Ganesh! Rami told us he is one of the Hindu gods - apparently, his head was lopped off by one of his mother's suitors who, upon realizing what he had done, replaced it with that of an elephant. So, Ganesh is a protector or according to some, the remover of obstacles. It is quite a nice Ganesh that someone left on OB.
We paid our respects and moved on. So, here's wishing all of you a beautiful Harvest Moon. Til my next misadventure, ciao!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Me, the Dawn Patrol mascot

View from Ice Lakes Lodge overlooking the lake

I have been a very good boy and got to travel with my Ma and Pa on a trip to the Sierras. This time, unlike the last, my paws were on terra firma which is what I like, being a terrier. Pa entered a 50 mile endurance bike race that started at the Royal Gorge Summit Stn.

The Dawn Patrol team at the crack of dawn. These guys get out every Tuesday at dawn to pedal.
Ma and I went on a hike while the boys were racing. Ma has this disconcerting habit of disappearing when I'm not paying attention. Sometimes, I find her behind trees. I suspect she does this on purpose.
We were besieged by locusts but I didn't mind.
We hiked to the top of the Royal Gorge ski area where we could look out over I-80.
This the view of Ice Lakes, or Serene Lake - that's where our rental house was.
It was hot for me with my black saddle.
I feel totally in my element up here in the mountains.
We got back after some of Pa's friends finished but before Pa came in. Pa did good! It turned out the race course was only 43 miles and Pa came in under 5 hrs. He placed 4th in his age class and probably in the top 30 out of about 140.
I played with Bruno back at the house - he was rescued all the way from Taiwan!
Well, we're back in foggy SF - Ma is absolutely fed up with the weather here. Me? I don't mind - I can run around OB in any weather. So, til my next misadventure, ta ta, be good, be safe and have fun!!