Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Me, the Dawn Patrol mascot

View from Ice Lakes Lodge overlooking the lake

I have been a very good boy and got to travel with my Ma and Pa on a trip to the Sierras. This time, unlike the last, my paws were on terra firma which is what I like, being a terrier. Pa entered a 50 mile endurance bike race that started at the Royal Gorge Summit Stn.

The Dawn Patrol team at the crack of dawn. These guys get out every Tuesday at dawn to pedal.
Ma and I went on a hike while the boys were racing. Ma has this disconcerting habit of disappearing when I'm not paying attention. Sometimes, I find her behind trees. I suspect she does this on purpose.
We were besieged by locusts but I didn't mind.
We hiked to the top of the Royal Gorge ski area where we could look out over I-80.
This the view of Ice Lakes, or Serene Lake - that's where our rental house was.
It was hot for me with my black saddle.
I feel totally in my element up here in the mountains.
We got back after some of Pa's friends finished but before Pa came in. Pa did good! It turned out the race course was only 43 miles and Pa came in under 5 hrs. He placed 4th in his age class and probably in the top 30 out of about 140.
I played with Bruno back at the house - he was rescued all the way from Taiwan!
Well, we're back in foggy SF - Ma is absolutely fed up with the weather here. Me? I don't mind - I can run around OB in any weather. So, til my next misadventure, ta ta, be good, be safe and have fun!!

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