Thursday, September 23, 2010

A new toy and Ganesh still lives!

A boomering!
My new toy doubles as a head piece
I have been a very good boy and today we went to OB a bit later than usual since Ma had to work really early in the morning. It was a gorgeous day, a rarity these days in SF.

Ganesh in all his splendour
Right before the dunes, we spotted Ganesh, again. He is doing quite well, thank you very much. 
Money, silver bead, feathers and...pine cone!
I claimed the pine cone for myself, after all, what's an elephant going to do with a pine cone? Ma was horrified and made me return it. She can be very superstitious sometimes.
Someone left a nice offering of roses which I love - it speaks to my feminine side - but Ma made me leave that too. She said it could be a memorial to someone who drowned. Is she macabre, or is it just me?
I love the taste of roses on the beach! 
The surf patrol were playing. 
On the way home, Ma took some shots of me posing again. When we got home, I heard her complaining to Pa that my lipstick was showing and that she was going to photoshop it off. Eh?? What's that supposed to mean? I hope that's all she's planning to do!! Anyway, here's to a beautiful first day of autumn - til my next misadventure, be good like me and be safe!

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