Monday, September 20, 2010

More romping at OB and Mile Rock Beach

Mile Rock Beach with Lucca

I have been a good boy but don't have much to report since my previous adventures. However, it's good to have Lucca to romp with again - I missed him the month of August.

It is the Harvest Moon coming up this Wednesday - every culture seems to have some festival associated with it. And, indeed, one day, we found Ganesh! Rami told us he is one of the Hindu gods - apparently, his head was lopped off by one of his mother's suitors who, upon realizing what he had done, replaced it with that of an elephant. So, Ganesh is a protector or according to some, the remover of obstacles. It is quite a nice Ganesh that someone left on OB.
We paid our respects and moved on. So, here's wishing all of you a beautiful Harvest Moon. Til my next misadventure, ciao!

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