Sunday, September 26, 2010

Summer in SF

I have been a very good boy and am enjoying the nice weather. We have had a dreadful summer - all fog and no sun. But these days, we have had 70+ degree weather and Ocean Beach has been packed with sunbathers. But, best of all, Ma seems much happier.
I taught Lucca how to walk the walls of Sutro Bath
I also taught him how to roll in the sand
The water felt good!
The wind blew Ma's hat away so I rescued it. But then I decided to keep it for a while.
Stalking Roy, but he's become too protective so Ma won't let me near him.
Ganesh was still holding court,  but I think this may be the last time we see him this year.
We are down to one last rose. 
On the weekends, this beach is wall-to-wall people. Imagine that!
 Please come visit our beautiful city while the weather is still nice. Be good, be safe and ta ta til my next misadventure!

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