Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ma, the hypochondriac

I have been a very good boy but I don't like to go to the big box hardware stores, unless of course, we get to go to Burgermeister. I would prefer we went to Ft. Funston. It's closer.

Ma and Pa checking out curtains. Whatever for, I don't know! It just blocks my view out the window.
Then, on Monday, I had to go see Doc Griffin who told Pa that Ma worries too much. Just because I'm a little lame after a few days of all out fun doesn't mean I have hip dysplasia. If I seem a bit quiet, it's not lymphoma. If I'm not food aggressive, it doesn't mean I have digestive problems - maybe I'm just well-behaved. And, anyway, I'm now 70# - a stone away from Stanley's weight.

So, it has been a stressful few days. On top of it all, it seems Lucca got to do lunch with the humies without me. Hrrrrumph! Ma denies it, but she's not beyond a little fibbing. She went somewhere and came back smelling like Lucca - I'm deeply suspicious.

And, today, instead of going out bright and early, we waited until NOON. Of course, there's no one at the beach at noon so I was a bit disappointed. Nevertheless, we got to hike down the dunes from Sutro Hts. Park to OB and around to Sutro Bath ruins.

I try to follow my Ma on these trails but damn she's slow!
I got ahead of her on the ruins so I got to scare away the seagulls.
I kinda wanted to chase these ducks but I don't know how to swim yet. I overheard Ma saying she's having second thoughts about me learning how to swim. Since our tails are docked, we don't turn well, and we're rather muscular so we don't float well. Generally, Airedales don't swim as well as retrievers. We also can't spread our paws as wide so we're not as fast. She's afraid I'll drown in a rip current on OB.
I have to keep an eagle eye out since she's kind of a klutz, sometimes.
Did I say she was slow? But, of course, I have to wait for her because you never know what could happen if I'm not paying attention.
I'm beginning to think my worrying nature is inherited from Ma.
But, don't worry, I'm really OK. I just got caught up on all my vaccinations and I got a clean bill of health. Just leave the worrying to me and ta ta til the next misadventure.

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