Friday, July 2, 2010

New friends and din din that got away

I have been a good dog, and as you know, I am always good even when I'm not. Hee hee. Anyway, I think I'm very good and that's what's important isn't it? Good self-esteem? And, I have a new friend now, she's the rose gardener at Sutro Hts. I suspect she has many many friends since she carries doggie treats in a secret pouch. Well, I have a good nose so it wasn't really a secret!

She thinks I'm odd since I don't gobble up the treats immediately. You know I like to savor my food - roll it around in my mouth, spit it out, sniff it, then eat it.
I also got to meet Lucca's little sister. Isn't she a good looking gal? Just like Lucca. I have to be careful not to try to knock her down because I noticed Lucca gets a bit upset when I play bumper cars with his family. Oh, well. I'll just bump Ma.
I lost my nice new collar wrestling with Lucca. My buddy, Mark the beachcomber who brings the squeaky toys, is looking for it for us!

Ma and I went to get some eggs down in Pescadero where I made more friends.
Little humie friend.
Little humie with friend or fowl?
When they start flapping around vigorously, it's hard to resist the temptation to eat them. That's what Ma calls fowl prey or is it foul play? I have trouble pronouncing the "L" sound. This is all very confusing - after all, I sometimes get chicken for din din - I could just help myself and save Ma the trouble of shopping and cooking them. And, better me than the wildcats that ate ten of them.
We stopped by Ft Funston on the way back from running errands the other day. Note my pearly whites. Ma noticed the beginnings of plaque and so now I get my teeth brushed. Yuk!
Can you spot the horse? Well, I smelled him before I saw him so I ran down and barked furiously. Ma didn't like that and neither did the rider. She was also surprised she didn't spot them first. Well, among her many handicaps, she has a very bad nose!
I heard Ma's COOOOME in the far distance. You know she's slow so she can't keep up with me. But, horses are rather large and I don't know if I'm friend or prey, so I decided to come back and stick close to Ma.
Well, those are my stories for now. Til the next misadventure, ya ta hey!

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