Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Romancing the bone

Ma gave me a chicken bone.
You know me, I don't gobble up my treats immediately. I took it to Pa's den. He's off to Colorado and I thought this might entice him to come back.
Well, that didn't work so I took it to Pop's room. Pops was delighted but said he can't chew bones.
So, I took it back to the living room to see if Ma wanted it back.
Well, after I made the rounds, I decided it was mine after all so I ate it. A little bit at a time, of course, since I like to savor my food.

I have been a good dog but Ma thinks I'm approaching my terrible twos. That's when all dogs enter a rebellious stage where they forget all their lessons and manners. She says most pound dogs are about my age and a little older because that's when we stop being cute and become a nuisance. Hrrrumph! What's she trying to do? Scare me? Well, we'll see.

Enjoy my video while I ponder the possibility of a future at a pound. Ha! No way. I have her wrapped around my paw. She'll never send me away. Will she? Naaahhh. Still, it is a troubling thought. Til my next misadventure, mata ne!

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