Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holiday Weight Gain

I have been a very good dog -- little humans take heed; I eat all my vegetables and lick my bowl clean so I am sure to be on Santa's "nice boy" list. Well, no surprise that I now weigh 79.4#. You know, back in September, I only weighed 72#. Never mind how much Ma and Pa weigh these days!! It's not MY fault, I try to get them out for exercise as much as possible.

Since I didn't go anywhere on Saturday, I'll tell you what I learned on my walk last week.
Ramipoo told me a story of my creation.
I was just a ragamuffin, really just a fur pelt, before I was born,
but, Babaji pondered my future with great thought and gave me
 the eyesight of an eagle.
He gave me the loyalty and memory of an elephant.
And even the nose of an elephant, but much shorter.
I also got the courage of a lion, the curiosity of a cat, but the countenance of a politician - you know I greet everyone on the street and kiss all the babies. So, now you know why I am who I am. But would someone please tell my Ma, those close-ups of my nose are getting a little personal.

That's my story for today - til my next misadventure, be good and be safe, and have a nice day!


Oskar said...

Great story, I loved it!

Nubbin wiggles,

Jed and Abby in MerryLand said...

Boy, we have a rescue story, but we don't have a creation story. That was terrific! We think your mom is just filled with admiration for your magnificent nose. And your nose print is as distinctive as a human fingerprint, just in case you ever get misplaced. This way, your mom has lots of nose print pictures to use to find you.

An Irish Wolfhound little sister sounds very exciting. We hope you get one for Christmas. Then you'd always have someone to play with. And Mango had an Airedale grandpa when he was a pup, so there's no reason you couldn't nuture and train a young Irish Wolfhound.

Jed & Abby