Monday, November 30, 2009

I'm getting big!

I have been a good boy although bad at writing my blog. I've been getting big, too, which apparently isn't exactly good since Ma would like me to be around 60 - 65#. She keeps looking in that Pitcairn book with the chart of dog growth and muttering that my growth spurt should be coming to an end at about 8 months.

Here is what I've been weighing:

25 Sept: 39#
20 Oct: 44#
28 Oct: 45#
23 Nov: 52#

Of course, I'm always hungry -- Ma doesn't understand why since I get some great raw food. My meals often have ground beef, broccoli, zucchini, eggs (complete with shell -- she say's it's a good source of calcium), coconut, cottage cheese, yoghurt, canned tuna, chicken liver, rice...not necessarily all at once, plus she adds yeast and bone meal and a little vinegar -- Chinese black vinegar, apple cider or balsamic. For Thanksgiving, I got a lot of leftover turkey. Mmmmmm.

Pa finds it amusing/annoying that I still can't jump into the back of the car. Hee hee. I actually can, but why bother when I can be picked up??

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