Sunday, April 24, 2011

Horse sense

I have been a good boy and yesterday, I got to go to Montara State Beach with Ma and Pa. We climbed up and up and up and then we saw these guys!

A very nice man and a...??!! Ma calls them horses and Pa likes them!

I barked furiously but IT just stood there swishing its tail

The THING even had its own dog!

Ma and Pa said we were lucky they were so nice to us because I was obnoxious. Me? Obnoxious??? Hrrrrumph!

Pa decided to try out his new running shoes. I had to race to catch up!!

I stayed right by his side. You know, I try not to get ahead.

It was a long ways down and steep and we left Ma behind to take photos. 

It was a bit overcast but the view was stunning.

We had a good time and got tired, too. Pa's feet are still recovering from the 50km race he ran two weekends ago. So, til my next misadventure, be good, be safe, and no horsing around during work hours.


Oskar said...

A horse with his own dog? How very interesting. I'm glad you had such a fun day.

Nubbin wiggles,

Suka said...

What a beautiful place to run and hike! Looks like you had a great time! And you got to see a horse! Lucky pup! Horses are awesome. Very funny you barking away and the horse did not mind. You are lucky the horse did not kick!

What a fun adventure! Thanks for sharing!