Wednesday, October 7, 2009

More new tricks for Mad Max

Max is learning. Today, I got him to sit -- he did. I dropped a doggie biscuit about 4 ft away and told him to wait. He learned that from my 90 yr old dad. He waited. Then I called him -- he stopped and ate the biscuit and came. All of this was outside at Lands End. OK -- there were no people around, but still, it was outdoors where there are a lot of distractions. So, we're working on him.

He does have this funny thing where he sits and just looks around at his surroundings. This happens more often on the way home, of course, since he wants to stay out. But, if I tell him to wait, and then call him, he comes so, that is a good thing.

Everyday, something more exciting for Max.

1 comment:

Max, the Airedale Author said...

For an Airedale, that shows AMAZING restraint! Hahaha! Nice going, Max!