Monday, October 12, 2009

Pet Fair Canceled = More Fun for Max

Yesterday I had fun and I was (kind of) a good boy. My Ma said I should practice writing my own blog since I might be able to publish a story in a book by another Max. Well, first I should say that my Ma may not be my permanent Ma -- she's my foster Ma-- but I don't want to think about that now since I'm having the time of my life.

We went to Marin today with a friend of my Ma, Lois, and her buddy, Haupia. Haupia is part Wheaten terrier and we play a lot. Maybe we play a little too rough -- the other day, my tooth got caught in her ear and my Ma had to do some repairs since Lois was out of town. I've suffered some cuts and bruises too, and I've lost a big tuft of hair where she got a hold of me and pulled it out. Oh well, neither of us are entering any beauty contests any time soon so it's ok.

We were going to go to the pet fair in Marin but they canceled it with no warning! What a bunch of inconsiderate goofballs. The idiots even had a sign inviting us to next year's fair -- like we're going to show up after being stood up this year. So, we walked around the lake but my Ma didn't like it there because there were a lot of goose droppings. I didn't mind - it actually made for a great snack, different from the seafood buffet at the beach. So, we went to the farmer's market instead, but they don't allow dogs (even me, a puppy) so my Ma and I hung out in front of a tee shirt booth where the lady was really friendly until Lois got back. After that, we headed out to the Marin Headlands -- one of my favorite places! Good thing too, since I probably would have been kicked out of the pet fair for being too obnoxious.

I got to run around and wrestle Haupia. And, even though I'm not dog show material, and neither is Haupia, they kept stopping to make us pose. What a chore. And the two-leggeds are soooo slow. But I was good -- sort of. When Ma told me to wait, I kinda sorta waited. And, I came when called, after I finished sniffing. Ma's been teaching me some of these things. We practice in odd places where it's real difficult to concentrate, not like in the living room at home where I can pull these off perfectly. I'm actually better than Sadie when it comes to the waiting game.

When I got home, Sadie and Papa were waiting. I was glad to see them and they seemed to miss me. I jumped on Papa and nipped Sadie's ear and pulled on her collar, like always. They're working on making me stop doing these things but I can't resist. I'm so happy when I get home, I get real excited.

It was a good day. I got super tired since I skipped my nap time, which, apparently was the plan. Napping can always wait --maybe tomorrow I'll nap if I can squeeze it into my busy schedule.

So, til my next eduventure -- that's my term for a little education for me mixed in with adventure. Ruff ruff...


P.S. That road we were on doesn't have car traffic so don't you all worry! It's an old paved road that is falling down in parts, literally. A lot of seismic activity there being so close to the Big Fault (San Andreas).

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