Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The tooth fairy and other adventures of Max the Terriblaire

Yesterday I had fun and I was (kind of) a good boy. However, my Ma got into trouble. We went to Sutro Hts Park and I got to meet the Sutro pack consisting of all the neighborhood canines. The big Harlequin Great Dane was kind of scary looking - I wonder if I'll get that tall. She was taller than Sadie but she was a nice dog. I also got to meet Stanley's old buddies -- Archie, Billy and Callie. We were all having fun when all of a sudden everyone got out a leash and snap, snap, snap -- we were all leashed. A tall lady in a uniform came and gave our humans a big lecture on letting us loose in the park. She was a nice lady -- she was very patient and my Ma was super-embarrassed. She didn't fine my Ma or anyone even though some people gave her lip. Hmmm...that didn't seem like a good idea, even to bad little me - I get into worse trouble when I act up. So, I guess we won't be playing there off-leash anymore. She did say that OB is off-leash up to Stair 21. That's good! It's one of my favorite places.

We got home and after supper I got a little mouthy. I have lots of chew toys but what could be better than my Ma's arm? Well, she was a little sick of it so she got a hold of my head and next thing I knew, my little puppy canine tooth was gone! That felt weird. She was delighted -- even showed it off to her 90 yr old Pops whose arm I've been chewing on too.

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