Friday, January 15, 2010

Crows and other birds that drive me crazy

I have, as alwaysl, been a very good boy and kept Pops company in Japantown yesterday where he had a haircut and a nice lunch with my Ma. I was not invited to lunch. However, after they ate, I got to sit pretty with Pops and look like a service dog.

Today, in the morning, we went for our usual walk where we encountered a hummingbird. That's me pointing it out to my Ma.
They're quite small and it's unclear what they eat around here. I bet they would be bigger if they ate what I get, even though it's never enough for me (hint, hint).

My Ma made me sit and lie down so she could take my picture. See, I can stay down in public! I can even wait for my treat.

Darn - I should have eaten that damn treat before I jumped off the wall. Now look whose got it! It was quite upsetting causing me to bark furiously. They ignored me. Quoth me, NEVERMORE! Watch it, you thieves - I am not a soft-mouthed retriever.

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