Saturday, January 9, 2010

Why I roll in the mud

Mama treats me like a POODLE sometimes. What's with that goofy head ornament I'm forced to wear.

Therefore, when I go outside, I have to roll in the dirt and grass -- those silly humans need to learn that I'm an Airedale, not a frou frou Poodle.
Anyway, Haupia and I put up with a lot indoors so when we go out, we let it RIP.

Ha, ha -- but I guess the joke's on me. Yes, I look a littl nonplussed. Once again, I've been bathed. This time with henna shampoo, thus the red highlights. Isn't this illegal? I thought there was a law passed that prohibited hair/fur coloring of dogs. Oh, and you'll note the owie on my nose. I took a good hit from an hornery hound at Crissy field a few weeks back. Gives me character, don't you think?

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