Saturday, January 15, 2011


I have been a good dog and I must correct my Ma - I suffer from  kabourophobia, not brachyuraphobia.  She made that word up and it's wrong. Eh, you say? What the heck is that wacky dog talking about? That's a fear of crabs...and not the disease, silly - the sea creature.You know I got my lip bitten by one of those Dungeness crabs on the beach so now when I see one of these guys, I bark my head off.

My nemesis.
There were two of them on the beach that day.
The Silence of the Crabs

Once you eat them, they come back to earth as one of these, ha ha.
As we walked north on the beach at Fort Funston, we saw this. 
A mile of trash strewn along the tide line, cigarette butts prominently
represented, but all of it non-burnable and non-compostable. 
Ma got very depressed and she didn't want me to step in something dangerous so we headed back.
How am I going to cheer her up?
How about a dog joke?
How do you find your dog if he's lost in the woods?
Put your ear up to a tree and listen for the bark !
Woo hoo hoo! Hee hee! Well, OK. I found it online and it's a little lame but you can't blame a canine for trying. I'm not much of a stand up comedian - more of a crash and burn type like Steve Martin. So, 'til my next misadventure - be good, be safe, don't smoke and take your best friend for a romp.


Oskar said...

Great joke!

Nubbin wiggles,

Suka said...

hey Maximus,

Love the video! You sure told that crab off! He looks like a Frisbee with legs. You could probably play catch with him!

That is a very depressing picture of the beach. Why do humans do that?! I don't understand. It makes me very mad. Us dogs would never have beaches that look like that.

Funny dog joke!