Sunday, January 23, 2011

Carnival Splendor comes to port

Carnival Splendor comes to San Francisco
I have been a good boy and today, Ma and I tore out of the house at the crack of dawn with a mission - to see the Carnival Splendor come to port. You know my Ma loves beautiful ships but because SF doesn't have a nice port for cruise ships, the only ones we get to see are those coming here for repairs! Oh, well. OK, once in a long while, we'll actually see one here on a cruise - the Queen Victoria was here about this time last year and in 2007, the QE2.

The sun was just coming up
Here she is, under her own power but with a tugboat escort.
You may remember, there was a fire in the engine room
last November and she sustained serious damage,
not to mention serious discomfort for those aboard.  
Why all the fuss over some flotsam.
I hate sharing the spotlight!
She's 951 ft long with 144 ft beam, 25 ft draft. She'll be at one of
the even numbered piers for repairs. 
This was definitely Ma's highlight of the day. Mine was a lack of bowel distress. I suffered some tummy tumult the last 2 days but today everything came out good, if you know what I mean. Ma took me off my usual diet and cooked up a nice dinner of rice and boiled chicken with some chicken stock and soy sauce for flavor. She also gave me my medicine: slippery elm and carob powder with honey. Who know why that works! So, all hands on deck to restore the Splendor! Til my next misadventure, be good, be safe and don't play with matches in the engine room. 

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Suka said...

hey Maximus,

I completely understand about sharing the spotlight. Our blogs should only have pictures of us! Great ship, pics, though!

Sorry you had tummy problems, and I am glad you are feeling better and got all the icky stuff out. Your dinner of rice and chicken sounds so yummy! I think I would have wanted to keep that dinner in my tummy! And very cool home-made medicine. My human is going to have to remember that if I ever get sick.