Monday, January 31, 2011

Golden Gate Kennel Club Dog Show

I was a good boy but despite that Ma left me for a whole day to go to the dog show! And for what? To check out the Welsh Terriers as a companion for me! Hrrrrrrrumph! To top it off, Pa cornered me in the garage and I had to stand still for almost an hour and a half for a haircut. When she got home in the evening, I let her know I missed her but she smelled like other dogs. Needless to say, I was nonplussed.

When she got there, the Welshies had all gone home! Ha!! Instead she ended up seeing these guys - Lakeland Terriers.
Huh? Where's the saddle?
Knee high in July? 
OK - there might be a vague resemblance to me.
Does she really want a dog she can pick up with one hand?
How undignified!
These guys caught her eye too! 
Give me a break - he looks like a senior citizen!
There we go! That's my kind.
Her name is Bunny and she's going to Westminster in two weeks.
Airedales acting like, well, Airedales.
I can't stay mad at Ma for too long and anyway, after $22 dollars and sore feet, she ended up spending time with the Airedales. Since I'm a bit large for my kind, they all suggested she get a conformation bred Airedale which are about 60 lbs maximum, and the ladies weigh less. After all, a Welsh is not an Airedale. They told her the Otterhound in the Airedales gives us a good nose and less of a terrier temperament. 

Whew! Disaster averted, I hope. Til my next misadventure, be good, stay slim and be loyal even though those humans are prone to straying. 

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Suka said...

hey Maximus,

I hope your dad gave you some pretty pawsome treats after making you stand for so long for a haircut! The things our humans put us through... :->

Great photos of the dog show. Such pretty dogs! Too bad you couldn't go. Perhaps next time!