Sunday, September 27, 2009

A drive to Pt Reyes

Sunday, we took a drive to Tomales Bay with Pops and the two rascals. The road was very windy getting to Stinson Beach on Hwy 1 -- Max and I were getting a little woozy. Pops does not get sea or car sick and Troy was driving so he wouldn't suffer from this. I think Sadie didn't feel very well either - she just lay down in the wayback. We all survived -- I applied a little accupressure to Max's paw and my inner wrist to fight off the nausea. He was very calm and didn't seem to mind having his paw held tight.

Both dogs were a bit taken aback at the sight of cattle. Sadie barked furiously at one particularly large bull but on the way home, she didn't seem to mind seeing them.

Oh, and on Friday, Max went to see Doc Griffin. He got a clean bill of health: wt 40 lbs, temp 102F, no bad lung sounds or heart murmur. His microchip hadn't come in yet, so we'll have to go back soon. In the meantime, we need to figure out how to pin his ears.

We also met a couple with two Airedales in the Land's End parking lot on Saturday. They were in the 50 - 60 lb range. Very nice dogs. Max jumped around and tried to get them to play but they were quite stoic -- tolerating his puppy ways. They told us the dogs came from an obedience trainer and breeder in Santa Cruz.

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