Sunday, September 20, 2009

Socializing Max

Max is a pretty confident little boy. He doesn't get spooked very easily and he's been exposed to quite a bit here in the City. Yesterday, we saw some kids, probably 6th graders or junior high age, by the ropes course at Ft. Miley. We stopped to say hi but one of the kids was apparently scared of Max and went running away screaming. Amazingly, Max didn't seem to mind. I've met more kids and adults who are afraid of dogs here in the City -- it's probably a reflection of the diversity of the area in contrast to Colorado where most people seemed unafraid of them. We hope Max will turn out to be confident and friendly like Stanley was.

We've been trying to train him not to lunge at joggers and there are a lot of them here. The key is to keep an eye out and make him sit before they come by. This seems to be working -- he seems less inclined to get excited when the few joggers I didn't realize were coming snuck up on us.

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