Monday, September 14, 2009

Fort Miley

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Our mid-afternoon walk today was over at Fort Miley which
is right in our backyard. It is so nice having places like this less
than a block away. We live in a very special area. Well, that's
my opinion anyway.
I let Sadie off the leash for quite awhile today since we were in
this very exclusive high hideout at the very northwest corner
of San Francisco. And she had so much fun! I have noticed many
good changes in her personality over the last week in a half since
she has been in my care. She is trusting me more each day. I was
surprised to see the 'leap of faith' she took today while we were on
the sandy trails. She launched into this bushy area with a bunch of
sand - though I did hear her squeal a bit, she came romping out
with a big fat smile and the tail wagging away.
Sadie is one tired dog right now! She is lying by my side by me and
my computer. In fact, she hardly ever leaves my side. She has to be
near me all day long. She'll get jealous when the pup shows up this
week. It'll be good for her though.
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