Friday, September 18, 2009

Sadie and Max (Max is the 'whirling dervish!')

Today we picked up Max, a highly exuberant 5 month
old male ADT. He is a sweetie, albeit, a handful.
Sadie was not amused when she first met Max
since he was a little out of control -- i.e., barking,
jumping and lunging --habits we will need to break him of.
But, they soon got accustomed to each other
and now they are best buds.

It is truly amazing how patient Sadie is with Max. He still
has sharp milk teeth and he is literally itching to get rid of
them -- by gnawing our arms or various tender parts
of Sadie. When he gets to be overwhelming, she tries
to calm him down by putting her paw down on him.

It has been 7 yrs since we've had a puppy ADT. While we
remembered how cute ours looked, it's easy to forget how
much energy they have. We were concerned that Sadie
wouldn't put up with Max, but that worked out well
after the initial apprehensive intro.

Max's owners were sad to see him go as were Sadie's.
But they did a good job with his training. He's very
good with sitting and he comes when called.
Generally speaking, he seems to listen. He's also
taken a liking to my 90 yr old dad.

We look forward to the next few weeks with the
two of them.

P.S. Sadie also had a great day yesterday with our friend's
mixed breed dog --she is part terrier --
probably Wheaten. They romped around on the lawn in
Ft. Miley. Sadie took some embarrassing stumbles,
landing on her chin, since the green is pocked with
groundhog holes.

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