Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Back to blogging!

I have been a very good dog and have grown somewhat, I think. I now weigh in at 58 #. However, my Ma unceremoniously calls me Skinnybutt. Pa hates that name. But then again, he didn't like it when Ma called Stanley other names like Punkin.

In addition to Haupia, I have a number of other lady canines I play with. They include Billie, the Schnauzer and Bella the big Dobie. I actually like Rocco too, but Rocco can be cantankerous. Must be the Napoleon complex when you're a short French male. That's Rocco, above, doing the doggie thing. Notice how I handicap myself since he's so little. He is solid, though. And below is Bella Bella Bella. Actually we know another Bella which is a huge Mastiff that understands French.
February was a tough month for me. My bowels were malfunctioning in a liquid way causing Ma much consternation. After being checked out for Giardia which came back negative, she put me on a fast of chicken broth, rice and tamari that lasted 2 days. She also gave me a concoction of slippery elm and carob qid/po which means 4 times a day by mouth. YUK. She learned this from the Pictairn book. Unbelievably, the stuff seemed to work. After consulting her Pops, Ma will only give me cooked chicken products now. She suspects I might have contracted Salmonella from raw chicken. Apparently, Pops, who is an expert on intestinal microbes, told her dogs can get Salmonella and also Vibrio (as in cholera) - a common species we can get is V. parahemolyticus from raw seafood. She also noticed that the more kibble I get, the less well my stool. Hmmmm. I'm hoping this means I switch to all home cooked food and ad libitum!

March is turning out to be a very good month for me. I had my first snow experience up near Donner pass. That's me - digging. I kind of like the cold.

There was so much of that white stuff. Ma wants to get me eye protection so that I don't get cataracts.

On the way home, we stopped by Mimi's place. That was my fist Ma. I'll be going there to learn how to swim when the weather gets hot. I know, because I heard them talking about it.

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