Thursday, March 11, 2010

A lovely day at the beach

Yesterday, I was a good boy, as I always am. It was a sad day for our neighbor, Julie, who had to take her kitty to get cremated. Poor Tigger was found nearly dead in my yard two mornings ago. I met her the evening before when she could still get around - I was good - I barked but I didn't lay a paw or a jaw on her. And, I kept her from crawling under the deck which is where she was planning to go. But, after spending a cold night outdoors, I guess it was too much for her. She was 15.

Nevertheless, it turned out to be a glorious day outside and Ma and Pa decided to take a break and take me out for some much needed FUN. We went to Seal Rock Beach which is a step and a stumble from our home.

OK, be honest, do I have a skinny butt?

The tide was down so there was some beach.

They always make me sit for no good reason. Hrrrmpfffff...I'll do it once.

But then the ball came out!!

Note my new leather leash. I chewed up one of the older ones playing tug of war. A glorious day after all! We look forward to more.

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