Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Encounters in the not so wild

I have been a good boy and have learned some useful things, like, I now know to ring the bell when I have to go out. The bell is really that Christmas present from Haupia we had to wear for our holiday photos. Anyway, in general, I have been good, so, my reward was I got to play at Ft. Funston.

These days, I like to play stick.
I also like to enjoy the scenery from up high.

And, today, since I was good, I got to play with my friend, Lucca - he's one of my favorites. I hadn't seen Lucca in a while but we got it on good today. We ran around and tore up the vegetation in Land's End. He's also a big boy but well-behaved. I have to walk nicely with him, his Ma and my Ma. It's hard. Sometimes I try to rile him up but I get scolded straightaway.
We need a better stick thrower.
Notice my new harness? Of course, personally, I prefer no collar or harness - just NAKED!

After we dropped off Lucca and his Ma at the Legion of Honor parking lot, we walked around the golf course to get back to the Land's End trail, and guess what I spotted! Mrs. Wiley Coyote. She's smaller than the other one we've seen who we presume is the Papa. She was not happy to see us, in fact, she snarled. I think there are little ones hiding behind in the bushes.
She's a little hard to see but I could spot her just fine.
She's not the frolicking type, in fact, she's rather ill-mannered. As Ma would say, poorly socialized, but then again, she's not exactly a DOG.

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