Sunday, March 21, 2010

A good week for me!

This week I was a good dog and Pops (my Ma's Pa) turned 91 on Monday. I could not go to dinner with them, instead, it was the first time I was left HOME ALONE, but I was, as usual, a very good dog.
Add ImageLater in the week I got to go to Ft. Funston where we went to the granite beach. It is a rather odd geological formation but since the tide was high, we couldn't really go very far.

I lay around in the sand and got really dirty.

I engaged in one of my favorite activities -- digging. I also got to supervise some other dogs digging.
Helped them work on their form.
After that, we went to Daly City where I was invited to lunch at BurgerMeister. I got to meet some interesting pugs accompanying a nice lady at the table next to us --you can kinda see them in the background under the table. They were beggars! You know, I don't beg.
I've been to another restaurant two doors down where I was outside alone, but apparently the food here is much better and I loved sitting next to my humans while they enjoyed some juicy burgers. I got to say hello to passerbys and other patrons - one of my favorite activities!

Add Image When we got home, another surprise. New kibble for me!! It's always best right out of the bag. All in all, it was a good day and a good week. And, guess what??? Since my bowels have recovered, I've gained some weight and I'm now 61 lbs. However, Pa was a bit nonplussed to find he had a pound or two to lose (you know, he has to subtract his weight from our combined weight since he has to pick me up an stand on the scale.)

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