Sunday, August 8, 2010

Helping out at the Headlands 100

Today I was a very good boy and I helped Pa out at the race in the Marin Headlands. I remember coming here as a young pup together with Sadie and another time to cheer Pa to the finish line at his race. I wonder how Sadie's doing these days. We never hear from her. I wonder if I'm as tall as her. Anyway, Pa will get at least two free races for manning the aid station at this 100 miler.

Ma and I retrieved all the cones.
I ate all the crumbs.
Yesterday, I got to go to Seal Rock Beach with Ma.
I'm getting good at route finding on the rocks.
And, on Friday, there was another doggie party at Sutro Hts. The humies had wine and apps. The doggies were all big so we got to romp around.
Augie, Rider and me.
Shortly after this, Augie got it on with Rider but he chose poorly - Rider's no joke when it comes to a fight. I don't know what's up with Augie - he attacked Rider once before. Augie went home a little bloody. Oh, well.

Me and Rider chilling together.
Ma put that horrible pinch collar on me because I needed a reminder that I should walk by her side. Hrrrumph! All this because I went ballistic when I smelled, then saw, the skunk by Billie's house. You know Ma, she can't smell a damn thing - even a skunk across the street!!! I learned my lesson so today, I walked smartly by Ma's side, even on the trail, where I really wanted to go, go, go!!! Did I mention Ma is slow?

Well, that's it for now - adios til my next misadventure.

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