Friday, August 6, 2010

Too many cloudy days

I have been a good boy but the weather has been dreadful and I think Ma is suffering from SAD (seasonal affective disorder). So, my job is to insist on her getting out, with me, of course. Today, I got Pa to come too.

None of my friends were around so I had to play with that thing. He was nice but funny looking.
Ma found a piece of flotsam.
Then came a German Shepherd Dog that looked like Roy, but wasn't. He wasn't into tug-of-war either.Ma has been teaching me how to walk on ledges and climb rocks. Since I had a small accident as a pup walking the walls of the Sutro bath ruins, I was a bit tentative at first, but I'm getting pretty good now.
If she says "Up!" and points the way, I can usually get up the rocks. I do need my nails cut for better traction. Hey Ma, when's my pedispa??
The other day, I got to play with Rider. He's that Australian Shepherd that had the hip dysplasia scare. It turns out he grew so fast his bones hurt. I'm thankful that didn't happen to me. Bad enough I got gawky and fell a lot.
Rider is a smart one, but he's a bit too brave when it comes to heights. He needs to learn to go around and find a better route, like me, instead of leaping into thin air and landing SPLAT! Well, OK - he hasn't gone splat yet, but note I say, yet. That's Rider at the Ft. Miley bunkers thinking about JUMPING.
Well, that's it for now, I have a party to go to! See ya all later til my next misadventure.

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