Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday @ Ocean Beach

Well, it was another foggy day here at OB. The sun hasn't been around in quite sometime -- hmmm, what's up with that? I guess it's just that time of the year -- when the fogs hangs around for weeks and weeks. Though, we still had a great time! Definitely worn out. Here are some pics from today's adventure...
 Me checking out my backyard playground. Actually, I'm looking for my best friend, Lucca, whom I haven't seen for awhile. Maybe another week or two. Miss ya Lucca!

And then all these people showed up with the little dogs. Whoa!!!
Of course I had to check 'em all out.

Then there was this lady with a pink bunny hat on picking up trash. Pretty funny looking! She seemed very nice, though, as she strolled along on litter patrol.
Another fun day at the beach. Saying goodbye.

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