Monday, August 2, 2010

Have a wonderful day!

Seal Rock Beach in the morning at low tide.

I have been a very good boy but I need to catch up -- last month, I only posted 4 times which is an all-time low. It's partly because Pa was in Colorado so Ma was real busy and couldn't help me with my blog.

Here's my buddy Lucca making life difficult for his Ma - she'll have to wash and brush him really well to get rid of that sand. Lucca and I like to roll in grass and sand when we're happy. Notice his smile!
Tikka, getting bigger by the day. She prefers to play with grown-ups. She's smiling too!
The mellow one, Sjobahn.
Lucca having a word with me. Can you believe I'm taller than him? Actually, the news was distressing - Lucca's family will be gone for a month so I won't see him for a long, long time!
When Pa came back, he brought us a present but it wasn't alive. Drat! It did get my attention, though.
Ciao til my next misadventure!

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