Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing day

Me - running to greet my friends.

Today I was a good boy and played with Haupia at Ft. Miley. Lois and Haupia were worried a coyote would come by since they saw one at the VA. There've been many coyote sightings recently. For some reason, Lois thinks Haupia will be picked off by a coyote; my Ma seemed unconcerned at first, but then she remembered I'm still a pup so I might not be able to hold off a coyote like Stanley. I guess that Stanley was a dog to be reckoned with but I figure, with me, Haupia, Ma and Lois, no coyote in their right mind would come to bother us.

These days I have to keep an eagle eye out for my Ma. Sometimes she just disappears!!! Eh? How could she leave little old me? I have to sniff around and look for her and, sometimes she hides! Eh??? What's gotten into her, is she senile? Even today, when I was having a good time with Haupia and Lois, she just suddenly went away. Very alarming. The SPCA should be contacted.

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