Saturday, December 19, 2009

New friends and other adventures of Max

Yesterday, I was a good boy and I had fun with my friend Haupia. I also have a new friend, Lucca. He's really a good boy and a big one too! He's a Chocolate Lab from Chicago. Funny -- there are two CL's from Chicago in our neighborhood, but I don't get to play off-leash with Scotch. Ma makes me walk nice with Lucca and her Ma. It's really tiresome - they won't let us wrestle when we walk, in fact, we're supposed to ignore each other -- but I get to go to the Palace of the Legion of Honor which is a treat. I wish we could tear it up on the golf course there! What are those old men doing, driving around in those funny carts--they should be running and chasing the ball and each other.

Lucca and me. He loves to play grab the stick.

We got home and I got a haircut. That was OK but then Ma washed me so I smelled like a Poodle.

No worries -- I rolled around in the sand at Ft. Funston on Friday so I smell much better now.

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