Saturday, December 19, 2009

Pacific Coast Trail 50K at Marin Headlands

Today I was a good boy and I played a supporting role in my Pa's first marathon--but longer--50k -- 7.805k longer than a marathon or 31.25 miles. It was part of the Pacific Coast Trail Run series and was held at my favorite place - Marin Headlands. Whew! I'd have a hard time pulling my Ma along on such a long run. She definitely doesn't carry her own weight when it comes to running. In fact, as far as I'm concerned, she can't run.

Me -- encouraging Ma to walk faster.

Here he is -- a few meters from finish!The elevation gain was apparently close to 6000ft, even though it's flat here. Also, it was wicked windy -- my ears were flapping around a lot.

He doesn't look too tired -- he probably could have run faster!

You can see the wind blowing the tops of the waves at Rodeo beach.
He finished at just over 5 hrs -- not bad for a first timer.

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