Sunday, November 21, 2010

Coning and other thinly disguised torture tactics

I have been a very good dog, or so I thought. I also thought (note the past tense) my Ma and Pa were the very best in the world and that I was the luckiest dog. Huh!! Until yesterday, that is, when they had the audacity to CONE me. Can you believe they sell these things in stores? Shouldn't they be illegal? Where is the humane society? Somebody HELP!!!
If this were put on a child, can you imagine the uproar? Speaking of which, Ma and I rescued a runaway baby buggy this morning. No baby in buggy, thank goodness. 
It's called the Comfy Cone Pet E-Collar. Comfy? Ha! I'd like to see my Ma sleep with this thing on her head. In any case, they're cheaper on-line than at those big box stores, so, all of you two-leggers, get one for your med kit. Or better yet, have Roy order you one - he's got a pet supply store on California St ~20th Ave. in SF, Cal's Pet Supply, and will beat the big box stores for price. When you injure your leg, make sure you put one on your head - and I mean YOUR head - not on us doggies...hrrruumph! And, that other contraption that looks like a lifesaver, the ProCollar Inflatable Protective Collar, doesn't work at all so don't waste your money. But, wait a minute. They may be comfy around YOUR neck if you travel a lot and need to sleep on planes and trains.

While we're dishing up the dirt on products, Ma thought this tag was a good idea. She saw it on a blog somewhere. It doesn't use a ring so it's quiet, which means we can sneak up on our prey unnoticed and lick them:
Boomerang collar tags
And, seeing how we are approaching the end of the year, how about a nice desk calendar with photos of us handsome 4-leggeds - but not just any 4Ls - Airedales, of course!
Southwest Airedale Terrier Rescue 2011 Calendar
Also, please don't forget about my half Airedale buddy, Caesar. He needs a Forever Home and now has an ad on eBay:
Forever Home needed
You remember he was on my blog:
Help - new home needed!
Ma and Pa found a reasonably priced ($28/35#) high quality kibble at CostCo and, I admit, it's pretty good:
Nature's Domain
But of course, I also get the raw additives which I love the best.

So, til my next misadventure, ta ta, be good, be safe and don't leave the turkey unattended. You know my brethren are counter surfers, unlike me.


Oskar said...

I'm calling the Humane Society for you right now. totally cruel & unusual punishment!

Nubbin wiggles,

Oskar said...

Hey Max, I featured you today on my blog for Friendly Friday!

You can check it out here:

Nubbin wiggles,

K-9 Katastrophe said...

Hi Max! I came over from Oskar's blog. It's nice to meet you!


Anny said...

Hi Max.. hope you are outta your cone by now :) we are dropping by from Oskar's site.. have a great weekend.. and hope you had some turkey!

Erin @ CanadianGiveaways said...

Thanks for pointing me in the direction of the "comfy" collar cone. My parents schnoodle has been wearing one for a few months now while they try everything to figure out why he insists on scratching till he bleeds. One of the suggestions was that he is allergic to plastic (and of course his cone is plastic!!). So I sewed a lovely cover for the plastic cone but this looks MUCH nicer!