Monday, November 29, 2010

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and ended up on Ocean Beach

I have been a good boy and am happy to report that I have been deconed. Also, Ma decided that since I am so very handsome, I won't have to wear that goofy Santa hat over my eyes anymore. Well, we'll see. She lies about stuff like that.

Poor Roy - the things we do for vanity. At least Ma doesn't tape my ears.
Ma thinks Roy resembles this - the Petronas Towers.
 Pa took me to OB today and we ran into the usual suspects and a black mix breed dog. The weather was brisk but clear.

Quito or Tikka? Which is it? Ma can't tell the difference since she has a very bad nose. We need smell-a-photo for us doggies.

Why are these little ones so fast?

I know - I look a bit crazed in this photo.
I still don't bank well - my legs are too long.
I gave the ladies a little lovin'.
You know I'm a ladies' man.
Then a crazy man came and threatened my Pa after claiming I belonged to him. He tried to whip Pa with kelp! I thought he was kidding and wanted to play, but then he acted crazed and scared me and the girls. So, Pa lured him away from us. Soon the Park Rangers arrived, surrounded him and took him down. I guess we weren't the only ones he harassed.
Now I understand the meaning of this.
Well, that was my exciting morning. Don't eat too much leftover turkey and pie or tubby will be your name! Be safe, have fun and til my next misadventure, buh bye!

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Jed and Abby in MerryLand said...

Yikes, Maximus! What a scary experience. Good thing your dad was there to take care of everything. Glad no one got hurt.

Hope you can stay out of the Cone of Shame. Jed is in and out of his all the time [OCD chewing]. Dexter, Mango's brother, is in one now, too. Jed is starting a Brotherhood of the Cone. Ever notice how it just seems to be us guys that end up in a Cone? You almost never see one on a lady dog. Why is that?

Stay safe out there!

Jed & Abby