Monday, November 8, 2010

Help! home needed

I have been a very good boy and I need your help. My half Airedale friend, Caesar, is in need of a new home. He is about my age, 1.5 yrs, about my weight ~65-70 lbs, and about my size, although slightly shorter and smaller all around. He is half black lab but has hair like me which is in need of grooming and he has a full length undocked tail which will come in handy for clearing off the coffee table! He is great with children, having two human siblings, great with other dogs, doesn't chase cats and won't eat your chickens. He is smart like me but hasn't received much training. 
Caesar is a good dog and good-looking, too. He does know the command sit. He wants to learn but his owner doesn't have time for training or caring for him and his Golden brother, MoJo - this is why he is looking for a new home.
Caesar lives with a Golden, one or two cats, a human little brother and sister, about 6 and 7 yrs old, and a bunch of chickens. That's where we get our fresh eggs and that's why we know him. MoJo is the alpha so Caesar is not very dominant, not the least bit aggressive and is not even a very good guard dog because he's so friendly. By the way, Mojo will be looking for a home as well. 
Caesar is intact so will need surgery. He is a good dog but will require training. 
Ma is mortified that we can't take him. She is worried that him and I will play rough and tear up the house and knock down Pops, Ma's 91 yr old papa. She's also worried that he'll teach me really bad habits, like counter surfing or garbage raiding, bad things I don't do. On the other hand, since Caesar lives outdoors, it's not clear he does any of these things either. But, it's also not clear that Caesar is housetrained.

Caesar is not for everyone. He is a big bouncy dog with a lot of energy. He needs a lot of training, possibly by professionals. He will require regular grooming. But, he is very good-natured, has not been mistreated - just brought up kind of wild, and has lived an outdoor life. Him and I play well together. His owner feels she has not given him the best home or enough attention or training and is overwhelmed. If not by some twist of fate, this could have been me, looking for a home. So, please help me find a new Forever Home for Caesar.  

Caesar lives in Pescadero, CA, about an hour south of SF. If you think you would like to take Caesar into your home, please send an e-mail to my Ma:

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