Monday, November 1, 2010

Dogddha and other evidence of enlightenment

I have been a good boy but Ma was out of town for almost two weeks making it difficult for me to post on my blog. You know I'm very smart but my toes are not good for typing.
I met another one of my kind...she's 7 mos and growing! She may be related to Sadie, remember her?
There was a good-looking Dobie on the beach so we chased him.
She's not as big as she looks - she could use a trim!

Dogs own this place - as you can see, we are worshipped.
She's quite the Airedale, isnt' she?
After our romp, we went for some burgers...or the humies did. I just got cold water.
Ma is hoping one of these photos makes it into a calendar
So, I hope I didn't cause concern. I'm still up to my misadventures and I promise to blog more. 
Ciao! Wait a minute, that rhymes with meow...

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